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Call for Participants

Call for Participants for a Euromarine Foresight Workshop »The Biological Carbon Pump in a Changing World«

To bring together leading European scientists to share and discuss the current research foci and future plans with respect to the biological carbon pump.

We will invite scientists based in European institutions with expertise on the biological carbon pump, particle fluxes and the global carbon cycle. Especially those working on issues related to the biological carbon pump in a changing world are particularly welcome.

Please apply if you meet the target group as described above or forward to relevant colleagues. Registration will be open until the 31st July 2016. See below for further information on the application procedure.

When and where:
The workshop will take place from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th October 2016 at Schloß Etelsen, near Bremen, Germany.

Background, challenges and aims:
The biological carbon pump is an important component of the global biogeochemical cycles through its vertical transport of organic matter, generally in the form of sinking particles and aggregates, to the deep sea and sediments. It is essential for the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 and thus of great importance in our changing world. Increasing CO2 emissions are having numerous impacts on the marine environment, from rising sea surface temperatures, ocean acidification, expanding anoxic environments (oxygen minimum zones) as well as effects of increasing storm events on water turbulence and dust inputs. These changes are affecting ecosystem functions such as primary productivity, nutrient cycling and food web interactions, which all have an influence on the biological carbon pump.

It is thus essential that current research within the EuroMarine network is shared among leading scientists and gains wider attention among the marine scientific community. The aim of this FWS is to share current research foci and discuss future plans. In particular, future collaborative projects across the EuroMarine zone will be discussed to improve the transnational synergies and allow more transdisciplinary approaches given the different expertise available among members. The FWS will provide a platform to define directions and strategies, identify key milestones and the chance to compile a 5 to 10 year roadmap of key priorities to fill our knowledge gaps. Ultimately, a position paper by the participants on the role of this important research topic for both the EuroMarine network as well as the broader scientific community will be drawn up.

Workshop organizers:
Dr. Eva-Maria Zetsche, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden;
Dr. Morten Iversen, MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen, and Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremen, Germany
Prof. Helle Ploug, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden;
Dr. Brivaëla Moriceau, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France

The workshop is supported by the EuroMarine network (www.euromarinenetwork.eu). Accomodation (2 nights), meals and symposium fees are all covered within a 50 euro participant fee. Travel, any extra nights stay and an upgrade to a single occupancy room (if so desired) are also at the expense of the individual participant.

How to apply:
Please fill in the online form .
Following the online template, applicants must supply: full address/contact information, discipline(s), motivation for attending (max 300 words), and a short CV (2 pages) cut and pasted in to the template fields.

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2016
Decision and notification: 31 August 2016
Payment of participation fee (50 Euros) due: 30 September 2016

Selection criteria:
• Relevant expertise on the subject
• Number of workshop places prioritised for EuroMarine members
• The maximum number of delegates is 30.

>> Link to EuroMarine online announcement of this foresight workshop