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Foresight Symposium: »The Biological Carbon Pump in a Changing World«

17th – 19th October 2016

Schloß Etelsen in Bremen, Germany

Hosted by MARUM – Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen
The EuroMarine Foresight Symposium "The Biological Carbon Pump in a Changing World" will bring together leading European scientists to discuss the current and future research needs of this critical mechanism in our oceans.
The biological carbon pump is an important component of the global biogeochemical cycles through its vertical transport of organic matter, generally in the form of sinking particles and aggregates, to the deep sea and sediments. It is essential for the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 contributing to the oceanic sequestration of anthropogenic carbon emissions. Impacts on the marine world due to increasing CO2 emissions include rising sea surface temperatures (global warming), more acidic oceans (ocean acidification), expanding anoxic environments (oxygen minimum zones) as well as effects of increasing storm events on water turbulence and dust inputs. We know that these changes are affecting ecosystem functions such as primary productivity, nutrient cycling and food web interactions, which all have an influence on the biological carbon pump.
There is an extensive list of potential effects on the biological carbon pump with far-reaching consequences on future carbon sequestration in the oceans. It is critical that current research within the EuroMarine network is shared among leading scientists and gains wider attention among the marine scientific community.

The aim of the workshop is to ultimately raise the awareness for the biological carbon pump in a changing world within the marine research community of the EuroMarine network. More specifically we will:
  • 1. Gain an overview and synthesis of status quo among the EuroMarine (and European) research community
  • 2. Identify the most important knowledge gaps
  • 3. Integrate current expert activities and visions and identify key milestones for potential new transdisciplinary activities
  • 4. Compile a 5 to 10 year roadmap of key priorities to fill knowledge gaps through EuroMarine and other EU instruments (e.g. Horizon 2020 funding) as well as other international and national funding opportunities
  • 5. Publish an open access collaborative foresight paper to encourage continuing ideas and knowledge exchange
  • 6. Broaden public awareness of the biological carbon pump in our changing world via a public outreach event

Eva-Maria Zetsche
Morten Iversen
Helle Ploug
Brivaëla Moriceau

The symposium is supported by OSIL and K.U.M.