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Excellence Cluster Conference 2011

2nd Young Scientist Excellence Cluster Conference on Marine and Climate Research: Perspectives from Natural and Social Sciences Bremen, 4-5 October 2011

We thank all the participants for their inspiring contributions!
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The aim of the Cluster Conference

This conference aims to bring together early career scientists to present and discuss their own research in an interested and multidisciplinary environment. Also, it provides the opportunity to uncover links between widely ranging topics, thereby fostering the interdisciplinary nature of the research carried out by the early career scientists of the three clusters.

The conference is organized by and for PhD students and PostDocs from the three Clusters of Excellence from Bremen (MARUM), Kiel (Future Ocean), and Hamburg (CliSAP), as well as associated institutes.

Last year the conference took place in Hamburg and was a great success in terms of interdisciplinary exchange and networking among early career scientists of the three clusters.

This year, the conference takes place in Bremen. It aims to bring together young scientists from the natural and social sciences - biological, geological, chemical, physical, economical, medical, psychological, journalistic, legal, and political fields - to discuss and improve our understanding of the integrated nature of the ocean - climate - society system.
Therefore, sessions will aim at illuminating specific issues from different disciplines.

Participants were highly encouraged to present their talks and posters in a way that is understandable to a broad audience.
A prize was awarded for the best student talk and the best student poster:


Jan-Hendrik Körber (MARUM) for the best student talk

and to Nina Wilkens (CliSAP) for the best student poster
Our communication team:
Ulrike Holzwarth (holzwarth@uni-bremen.de)
Bevis Fedder (bevis.fedder@uni-bremen.de)