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Conference Series

The Early Career Scientists Conference series was initiated by the three German Marine and Climate Science Clusters of Excellence in Hamburg (CliSAP), Bremen (MARUM) and Kiel (Future Ocean). The conferences take place on an annual basis with the three cities as alternating venues.

2013 Hamburg


Interdisciplinary Conference of Young Earth System Scientists
Understanding and Interpreting Uncertainty

22 - 25 Sep 2013, Hamburg

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2012 Kiel


3rd Young Scientists Conference: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Change

1-2 Oct 2012, Kiel

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2011 Bremen

ECC 2011

2nd Young Scientist Excellence Cluster Conference on Marine and Climate Research: Perspectives from Natural and Social Sciences

4-5 October 2011, Bremen

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2010 Hamburg

PhD student Conference
Integrated climate and earth system sciences in Northern Germany

4-5 Oct 2010, Hamburg

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