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CCP4 - Mud volcanic episodicity

T. Feseker, A.J. Kopf

A. Boetius, G. Bohrmann, T. Freudenthal, M. Kölling, V. Ratmeyer

Mud volcanism is one of the most dynamic sedimentary processes on Earth, widely known on active margins, recognized as windows into the deep biosphere and as sources of methane in the ocean, and fuelling fascinating microbial life and chemosynthetic ecosystems at the seafloor (Kopf, 2008).

In Research Area GB processes linked to gas hydrates and methane seepage have been investigated on mud volcanoes for biogeochemistry and distribution of chemosynthetic life. Given the episodic nature of activity, we now want study mud volcanic products (gas, water and sediments) with dedicated long-term observatories and multiple joint SD-GB cruises into key areas, employing MARUM technologies.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle map from Helgoland mud volcano, Black Sea.