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Nadine Gerlach

Doctoral Students


Research group Marine Glycobiology


+49 421 218-65758



MARUM Pavillion 1110

Nadine Gerlach


since 07/2017 Ph.D. stu­dent in the Joint Re­search Group for Mar­ine Gly­cobi­o­logy (MARUM Cen­ter for Mar­ine En­vir­on­mental Sci­ences at the Uni­versity Bre­men and Max Planck In­sti­tute for Mar­ine Mi­cro­bi­o­logy in Bremen)

research cruise Polarstern PS107


10/2014 - 07/2017                                                      

Master of Science in Microbiology at the Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany

Master thesis: Biochemical and structural analysis of marine polysaccharide lyases

10/2011 - 09/2014

Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University Bremen, Germany

Bachelor thesis: Potential of manganese reduction in marine subsurface sediments of Helgoland


PhD project: Molecular mechanism of enzymatic recycling of anionic glycans by marine microbes

An important step in the (marine) carbon cycle is the remineralisation of algal polysaccharides by heterotrophic bacteria. Marine algae consist of up to 70 % of polysaccharides, which physically support the thallus of macroalgae, have storage properties or are part of extracellular transparent exo-polymer particles (TEP). Polysaccharide-degrading bacteria specialize on glycans resulting in a pronounced niche partitioning with respect to algal polysaccharide degradation during and after algal blooms. Studying the degradation mechanisms of abundant key degraders will contribute to our knowledge on the ecophysiology of marine bacteria, and thus to our understanding of the biogeochemical cycles in the oceans.

In this PhD project, we investigate the utilization of the anionic polysaccharide fucoidan, the main cell wall component of brown seaweed. In more particular, we study the molecular mechanisms of putative CAZymes in order to gain insights into the remineralisation of fucoidan by heterotrophic bacteria.


Research interest

  • Marine microbiology
  • Marine ecology
  • Marine carbon cycle
  • Algal polysaccharides
  • Carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZymes)
  • Structural biology



15th Summer Course Glycosiences

(24-28th June 2018, Wageningen, The Neatherlands)

Poster presentation "Enzymatic recycling of sulphated algal polysaccharides by marine microbes "

winner of 3rd poster prize

attendance half-funded by GLOMAR Graduate School


(20th-22nd August, 2018, Greifswald, Germany)

Poster presentation


(11-14th September, 2018, Oldenburg, Germany

Oral presentation