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Dr. Mahyar Mohtadi

Research Staff


Marine Sedimentology


+49 421 218-65660


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MARUM II, Room 3170

Mahyar Mohtadi

Research areas

Eastern tropical Indian Ocean
Reconstructing past climate of the Indonesian Archipelago that involves past variability of the Australian-Indonesian monsoon system, Indian Ocean Dipole Mode, Indonesian Throughflow, and El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). A collaborative effort by German, Indonesian, and US scientists, running since 2005.
Completed projects: PABESIA and SUMATRA (both BMBF), HE 3412/15-1 (DFG).
Current projects: SPICE III (BMBF) and MARUM-Excellence cluster (DFG).

Eastern and western South Pacific Ocean
Reconstructing past climate of the Eastern South Pacific and its connection to high- and low-latitude climate. A joint effort by German, Chilean, Australian, US and Japanese scientists, running since 2001.
Completed projects: PUCK and CHIMEBO (both BMBF).
Granted: TACTEAC (BMBF, 2017-2019)

South China Sea
Recontructing natural variability of the East Asian summer monsoon during the interglacials in order to estimate the anthropogenic influence on the Asian monsoon system. A collaborative effort by German and Chinese scientists.
Completed projects: CARIMA and INVERS (both BMBF).
Current project: CAHOL (BMBF, 2017-2019)

Indo-Pacific Warm Pool (IPWP)
Reconstructing WPWP hydrology and the Indonesian Throughflow source water masses during the past 30,000 years in collaboration with German and US scientists, running since April 2013.
Completed project: EISPAC (BMBF).
Current project: MARUM-Excellence cluster (DFG).

Deep Pacific (carbon reservoir and deglacial CO2 rise)
Testing the hypothesis of deep Pacific carbon reservoir during glacials and its release to the atmosphere during the last deglaciation in collaboration with German and US scientists, running since August 2012.
Completed projects: TransGeoBiOc and EISPAC (both BMBF).


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Sea-going expeditions

Monsoon rain on RV Sonne, Hong Kong
MeBo on deck

Talks (selection)

  • EGU Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 2018 (invited)
  • AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, USA, 2017 (invited)
  • 12th International Conference on Paleoceanography, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2016 (invited)
  • Annual Meeting of the Japanese Quaternary Society, Chiba, Japan, 2016 (keynote)
  • AGU Chapman Conference on the evolution of the Asian Monsoon, Hong Kong, China, 2015
  • AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2014 (invited)
  • SAGE Workshop Ocean Gateways, Berlin, Germany, 2013 (keynote)
  • IMAGES/PAGES WPP III Workshop, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2013 (keynote)
  • AOGS-AGU (WPGM) Meeting, Singapore, 2012 (invited)
  • 7th ICAMG Meeting, Goa, India, 2011
  • IMAGES WPP II Workshop, Keelung, Taiwan, 2011 (keynote)
  • AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2009 (invited)
  • AGU Chapman Conference on Abrupt Climate Change, Columbus, USA, 2009


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