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Wave Glider

The Wave Glider, a product of Liquid Robotics, USA, is a typical surface drone that can be deployed over long time periods to carry out ocean observating tasks.  With an endurance of a couple of months those research tasks are completed fully autonomously. Since 2014 MARUM is operating a system of the type SV3 and first scientific missions have been successfully carried out during the last two years. Besides MARUM the GEOMAR is also operating Wave Glider systems and both working group keep close exchange in regard to the technology and potential scientific applications. 

Der MARUM Wave Glider im Einsatz vor den Kapverden

Pictures of deployments

Der Wave Glider vor dem Hafen Taliarte, Las Palmas, Spanien

The Wave Glider in front of the port of Taliarte, Las Palmas, Spain

Aussetzen von Bord FS MERIAN, Februar 2017

Deployment of the Wave Glider from board FS MERIAN, February 2017

Route des Wave Glider während der SENGHOR Seamount Mission - Blau Wave Glider an Bord FS MERIAN, Rot Abgefahrener Kurs

Route of the Wave Glider during the SENGHOR Seamount Mission - Blue Wave Glider on board FS MERIAN, Red Route of the Wave Glider 

Video footage of deployment

An international team of staff from PLOCAN (Spanien), MBARI (USA), MARUM and GEOMAR during deployment of the Wave Glider from board FS MERIAN (MSN 61). Video © GEOMAR 



Endurance 1-12 Months dependent on payload
Typical speed 1,6 kn  
Max speed 2,8 kn  

305x81x 23

cm Oberflächenkörper
Mass 150 kg  
Max payload 93 l  

Points of Contact

Dr. Christoph Waldmann


+49 421 218-65606

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Meckel


+49 421 218-65647