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MARUM SEAL is a classic torpedo-shaped AUV consisting of 3 main components - central pressure housing and flooded forward- and aft-section. The aluminium pressure housing itself consisting of 4 separate sections, mounted together by O-ring seals and large fairings enabling an evacuated pressure housing, finally. This pressure housing is the main buoyancy element for the AUV. In addition, batteries, AUV controll, AUV payload control and the inertial navigation system are integrated in the pressure housing, as well.
The flooded AUV nose- and aft-section is built of glas-reinforced plastics (GRP), acting as interoperable payload bay, which could be elongated by additional compartments, easily.

Vehicle Specifications

TypeInternational Submarine Engineering, I.S.E., Vancouver, Canada
Depth rating5000 m
Size (L x D)5.5 m x 0.74 m
Weight1,300 kg
Battery Capacity15.6 kWh, Li-Ion Cells, dry, 48 Volt nominal
PropulsionBrushless DC motor, 48V/32A, pressure compensated, gear-box (3:1), 2-bladed propellor, max. 300 rpm
Speed0.6 - 2.4 m/sec (min/max)
1.5 m/sec (standard)
Control3 x control planes (aft)
2 x control planes (bow) / detachable (optinal)
each plane is driven by an electric motor, pressure-compensated, position controlled by a Hall sensor
Turning diameter24 m
Dive mode optionsDive by Pitch (steep, fast)
Dive by Heave (horizontally, slow, only forward planes)
Mission control by Depth
Mission control by Altitude
Telemetry100 mbit Ethernet (LAN-Port, at Deck)
450 kb/s Ethernet-Modem, Data-Link-Group, 2.4 GHz, (LAN, at sea surface)
12 kHz acoustic underwater modem / SERCEL MATS 200 (200 bps)
IRIDIUM, Satellite-modem, 9522A, Daytona
NOVATECH radio beacon, RF700AR, 156.125 MHz
Differential GPS
IXBLUE Posidonia, MT861S/Remote Head

AUV Layout

Aft pressure hull section with connector ports.

Fibre-optic inertial navigation system IXBLUE PHINS.

AUV Vehicle-Control-Computer (VCC), cPCI industrial PC stack.

AUV Navigation / Sensors

GPSDifferential GPS, Sound Ocean Systems, GPSR-X6015G
Inertial Navigation SystemIXBLUE PHINS (dry, serial, pressure housing)
Pressure sensor 1Paro-Scientific 8B7000-I
Pressure sensor 2SBE-49 / SEABIRD FastCat CTD
Altimeter / SpeedTeledyne RDI DVL 300 kHz
Obstacle avoidanceKongsberg, Altimeter, 675 kHz (nose)

Scientific Payload

Side-Scan-Sonar (SSS)Benthos, SIS 1624, 2 Frequency (100 kHz, 390 kHz)
Multi-Beam-Sonar (MBES)RESON 7125-B, AUV-version, Single Freq. 400 kHz
Sub-Bottom-Profiling (SBP)IXBLUE ECHOES 5000, 3-transducer array, CHIRP mode, 0.8 - 15 kHz

Portside acoustic array of Benthos SIS 1624 side-scan-sonar.

400 kHz transceive-array of RESON 7125 MBES.

Electronic housing and transceiver array of IXBLUE ECHOES 5000 SBP.

RAW-data of AUV side-scan mission in 80 m distance to seafloor (noise pattern due to free floating DVL pings).

RAW-data of AUV multi-beam mission; recorded in 40 m altitude above seafloor.

RAW-data of AUV sub-bottom-profiling mission; recorded in 40 m altitude above seafloor.