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MARUM-MeBo200 System description

The sea floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo200 is the second generation MeBo (Abbreviation for Meeresboden-Bohrgerät, german for sea floor drill rig) and was developed in 2014 by funds of the Federal Government of Education and Research (BMBF). It was developed for getting core samples from sediments and rocks in water depths up to 2700 m for scientific research. The MeBo200 is a robotic drill rig that is deployed on the sea floor and remotely controlled from the research vessel. It is lowered to the sea bed with an umbilical that contains fiber optics for data transfer, copper wires for power and steel armour for providing the required strength. Next to drill mast, rotary head and flus water pump the drill rig contains two magazines for storing the required drill tools for conducting H-size wire line core drilling. With a complete loading of the magazins, drilling and coring down to 150 mbsf is possible. A drilling depth of more than 200 mbsf can be reached by replacing core barrels with additional rods.


The MeBo200-system comprises the drill rig, a control container, a work shop container, a drill tool container, a launch and recovery system (LARS), a lift umbilical winch, an overboard sheave, external hydraulic aggregates for drill rig, LARS and winch as well as a transformer unit for porviding the drill rig with the required high voltage (3000 V for the power packs and 1200 V for control power). The drill rig is monted in a frame that can be transported as 20'container. Two additional customized containers are used for transportation of LARS and aggregates.