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Short description

MARUM-SQUID is a powerful, light Work-Class ROV for operations down to 2000 meter water depth. The system was designed to be deployed even from smaller vessels. The ROV is operated by three to four Pilots/Technicians and the entire system can be shipped in a single 20' ISO container.

The vehicle is equipped with three scientific cameras (1 x HD, 1 x SD, 1 x 14 MPixel stills), has a sonar and two Line-Laser for size measurements of objects on the seafloor. A full proportionally operated seven function manipulator can be used for sampling or operating scientific tools. Samples and scientific gear can be stored/installed in a drawer box. Scientific sensors can be connected to several serial ports and 1 GigBit Ethernet link. The ROVs sensor systems allow station keeping the vehicle, and to fly accurate tracks above the seafloor. Due to the high thruster power, the ROV can operate in areas with up to three knots current speed.

Positioning is provided by either the GAPS or POSIDONIA USBL systems. Furthermore, the ROVs control system calculates an additional position with a higher temporal and spatial resolution, by using the vehicle sensors and the USBL data input.

General data

Transportation 1 x 20" ISO Container 
Gross weight 8.5t 

10m² on deck

Ship laboratory to install control stand


3-4 Pilots/Technicians

2 x cable manager from the science team during deployment and recovery


More Information


Nicolas Nowald


+49 421 65612


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