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Multi Sensor Core Logger

ECORD Training Course 2016

MSCL track

Five Sensors


The Multi-Sensor Core Logger (GEOTEK) is an automated system for measuring bulk density (GRA density), P-wave velocity and magnetic susceptibility at whole and split cores of sediment or rock. Here you find information on the configuration and operation of the split-core MSCL at MARUM.

Brief handling instructions are available including some key points you definetely should consider before you start core logging!

Additionally, a line scan camera for high-resolution core image acquisition (and RGB data extraction) is available.
You will find more detailed information in the manual here....

A spectrophotometer (Minolta Spectrophotometer 2600d) was integrated allowing automatized color measurements. Color is the human eye's perception of reflected radiation in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum (380-740 nm) (quick start).