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MarTech-Bremen – Institute for Maritime Technology

MarTech serves as an instrument for the establishment and integration of expertise in underwater technology. Its primary goal, in close cooperation between commercial companies and research institutes, is the development of instruments, complex systems and system components for the recovery of important deep-sea resources. These also include monitoring and inspection systems. Furthermore, marine research in Germany will receive access to the most modern equipment available, in order to take a leading role in deep-ocean research on an international, and especially on a European level.

MarTech is a coordinated initiative for consolidating competence in the field of underwater technologies, with the aim of positioning German companies to participate actively in energy and resource production from the sea. This also includes environmental monitoring and inspection of the underwater facilities. An additional goal is to provide modern equipment for German marine research that is needed for investigation of the deep sea and identification of geological deposits and addressing environmental concerns.

MarTech's mission is to build a network of expertise in marine technology, and to develop technologies required for the sustainable and ecologically responsible exploitation of maritime resources and for new challenges in marine research within the next decade. This shall occur within the scope of technology projects that build upon each other but are established in multiple core areas.