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Short description

MARUM-SEAL is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), designed to work in deep-sea conditions up to 5000 meter water depth. The torpedo-shaped vehicle is driven by an electric thruster and powered by lithium-ion battery packs, providing an overall autonomy of 19 hours or 100 kilometer travelling distance, respectively. The vehicle control system is equipped with a GPS-, a pressure-sensor and an inertial navigation system (INS) enabling the AUV to follow a preprogramed mission track, typically 60 to 80 meters above seafloor. Designed as scientific AUV, typical missions focusing on high resolution bathymetry data gathered by multi-beam-echo-sounding (MBES), side-scan-sonar survey (SSS) or sub-bottom-profiling (SBP). During mission, these data will be stored on the separate vehicle payload PC and could be downloaded at end of mission on deck of the support vessel. Communication with the diving vehicle is possible due to an installed underwater acoustic link. A separate and independent ship-based system (Ultra-Short-Baseline, USBL) allows the continuous tracking of the AUV during complete mission. The AUV SEAL will be operated by a crew of 3-4 persons, typically on medium and larger research vessels.

General data

Transportation 2 x 20" ISO High Cube Container (transportation, control) 
Gross weight 16 t 

1 x 20" control van

10m² on deck (AUV on craddle)


3-4 pers. (AUV crew)


More Information


Dr. Gerrit Meinecke


+49 421 218-65600


+49 421 218-9865600



MARUM II, 0030