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MARUM-MeBo developments

The development of the MeBo Technology is an ongoing process. Developments are driven by scientific requirements and concern drilling, probing and the use of boreholes for monitoring.

Pressure core barrels

We developed pressure core barrels for the use with MeBo for getting core samples at in situ pressure. These cores can be used for quantitative investigation of gas content and composition (e.g. for gas hydrate research).


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Tracer Injection

Especially for microbiological studies on the drilled cores it is important to understand potential contamination by the flush water. For the sea bed drill rig deployment on the IODP expedition 357 a tracer injection system was developed for the identification of contamination.



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Borehole Observatory

Different kind of bore hole plugs have been developed that can be deployed with MeBo for instrumentation and long term monitoring within the drilled holes.


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Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

CPT in MeBo Bottom Hole Assembly

The geotechnical characteristics of marine sediments can be tested with MeBo using a Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) probe.


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