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The complete MARUM SEAL has a system weight of 16 tons and consists of 2 x insulated 20" high cube vans (transport and control). The AUV itself is stored in a craddle, for transport issues and for operation at reserach vessel, as well. Together with the AUV, the MARUM zodiac and all additional equipment will be sent all together with both vans. Usually, these vans are stored on the research vessel as well, but this is not a necessity.
The control van is air-conditioned; half of it is used for the battery-buffered IT control of AUV, the remaining half is used as workshop and for storage of spareparts. Usually, this control van is onboard during cruises, although the AUV could be operated without the van.


Lifting of AUV in craddle with landbased crane.

Move of AUV in craddle at ships wharf.

AUV storred at craddle, strapped to ships deck.

Unloading of transport van at destination (zodiac at roof, AUV at bottom).

Unloading of AUV on ramps.

Strapping of AUV onboard the RV OR_V.