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Wheeled Underwater Vehicle CMOVE

The development of the vehicle goes back to a common project started between a Dutch research institution (Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Bremen University. To support development and optimization of the planned crawler, a testbed vehicle dedicated to the mobility and navigation subsystems was developed by the University of Bremen/MARUM together with DLR, the German Aerospace Agency. This vehicle CMOVE is equipped with an autonomous power supply and was sized for deep sea operations down to 3,000 m. Deployment occurs by cable from a research vessel with subsequent release, and return to the surface following a mission is by commanded jettisoning of a ballast weight.
The underwater vehicle CMOVE serves as a platform for measurements close to the seabed. CMOVE is of particular interest to carry out measurements of the microbial activity in the surface sediment and for this microelectrodes are used. Within the scope of the alliance HGF ROBEX it is planned to utilise the concept of CMOVE for geophysical measurements in the seabed. For this purpose a group of CMOVE vehicles will be synchronically piloted across the seabed where the positions of the single vehicles have to be recorded exactly.

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