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Dr. Heiko Sahling

Research Staff


General Geology - Marine Geology


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GEO 1170

Dr. Heiko Sahling

Research Interests

Methane seeps along continental margins
  • Mapping with video and hydroacoustic methods
  • Quantification of fluid and gas seepage
  • Biogeochemical processes
  • Biology of seep organisms


Professional experience

Since 2010Senior Scientist at the Department of Geosciences
2003 - 2010Post-doctoral researcher at the Research Center Ocean Margins
2001 - 2003Post-doctoral researcher Sonderforschungsbereich 574 University Kiel
20012001 PhD University Kiel
Thesis: The influence of hydrogen sulfide on the benthic community structure at cold seeps and interactions between the cold-seep and deep-sea ecosystems
1998 - 2001Doctoral researcher at GEOMAR - Research Center for marine Geosciences
1997Diplom Thesis (similar to Master) University Kiel
Thesis: Untersuchungen an cold seep assoziierten Organismen im NE - Pazifik (sorry, in German only)
1989 - 1997Study of biological and physical oceanography as well as zoology at the University Kiel

Research cruises

2016Poseidon 498Eastern Mediterranean SeaMARUM
2015Meteor 114Southern Gulf of MexicoDFG
2014Meteor 112/1Mediterranean Sea, east of SicilyMARUM
2014Heincke 413North SeaINGAM
2012Heincke 387Norwegian Sea, Fram StraitMARUM GB
2011Meteor 84/2Black SeaMARUM
2010MS Merian 15/2Black SeaMARUM
2009MS Merian 13/3Eastern Mediterranean SeaMARUM
2008Meteor 74/2Makran, offshore Pakistan, Indian OceanMARUM
2007Meteor 72/3Black SeaMETRO
2006Meteor 67/2bGulf of MexicoRCOM
2005Logachev TTR 15Black Sea, Continental margin off Georgia, Russia and TurkeyMETRO
2004Poseidon 317/4Black Sea, Continental margin off Georgia and TurkeyMETRO
2004Pelagia 228Eastern Mediterranean SeaSAGA
2003Sonne 173Continental margin off Costa Rica & NicaraguaSFB 574
2002Meteor 56/1bEast Pacific, Congo FanCONGO
2002Meteor 54/3aContinental margin off Costa Rica & NicaraguaSFB 574
2002Sonne 163Continental margin off Costa RicaSFB 574
2001Sonne 155Antarctica: Bransfield Strait
2001Alkor 192Skagerrak
2000Sonne 148With ROV ROPOS at the continental margin off OregonTECFLUX
1999Sonne 143Continental margin off Oregon, Hydrate RidgeTECFLUX
1999Atlantis 9906With ALVIN at Hydrate Ridge, Continental margin off OregonTECFLUX
1999N.B. Palmer 9904Antarctica: Bransfield Strait
1999Sonne 139Indonesia: Sunda ArcGINCO
1998Gagarinsky 22Sea of Okhotsk: Sachalin ShelfKOMEX II
1998Lavrentyev 28Sea of Okhotsk: Sachalin Shelf, Derugin BasinKOMEX II
1997/98Polarstern XV-2Antarctica: South Shetland Trench, South Sandwich Trench, Bransfield Strait
1996Sonne 110With ROV ROPOS at the continental margin off Oregon and Alaska
1996Sonne 109Continental margin off Oregon, Hydrate Ridge
1994Sonne 97/2Continental margin off Alaska, Aleutian Trench