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Friederike Grimmer

Doctoral Students


Marine Geology


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MARUM I, 2420

Friederike Grimmer

PhD project

The tropical rain belt of South America during Plio-Pleistocene cooling
For predicting the impact of future climate change, we need to understand the environmental and climate changes of the past. Global climate change of the last 5 Ma includes the end of the early Pliocene warm period which is used as an analogue of today’s climate, global cooling, and the onset of significant Northern Hemisphere glaciation. My project aims at providing insights into shifts of the latitudinal position of the intertropical convergence zone and the strengthening of the atmospheric circulation during Pliocene and Pleistocene. To tackle this, vegetation change in Ecuador and the western Andean Cordillera is investigated using marine palynological techniques. Fossil pollen records are an invaluable proxy for past climate as vegetation is strongly controlled by climate.