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Since 2014: Post-doctoral researcher MARUM, Universität Bremen. ERC Consolidator grant Earthsequencing awarded to Prof. Dr. Heiko Pälike

2013-2014: Post-doctoral lecturer. Université de Pau, France.

2009-2013: PhD thesis in Sedimentology. Université de Dijon, France. Astronomical calibration of the Valanginian and the Hauterivian stages (Early Cretaceous): Palaeoceanographic and palaeoclimatic implications.

2007-2009: MSc. in Sedimentology-Palaeontology. Université de Dijon, France
- 1st-year MSc thesis: Palaeoecology of the belemnites during the Toarcian. Comparison of the stable isotope signals between belemnites and fish teeth.
- 2nd-year MSc thesis: Cyclostratigraphy of the Hauterivian and early Barremian from the Vocontian Basin (SE France) and the Subbetic Domain (SE Spain).

2004-2007: BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France.