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100 m² of Sea

May 23, 2017
Haus der Wis­sen­schaft, Sand­stra­ße 4/​5, 28195
Poster 100 m2 of Sea

On May 23 the Bremen House of Science will open the exhibition “100 m2 of Sea.” Ten research institutes from Bremerhaven and Bremen invite visitors to join in a trip through the seas and oceans – ranging from myths surrounding the seas to technologies in marine research, and extending from the beach to the deep sea. MARUM presents the fascinating world of life at cold seeps in the deep sea. “100 m2 of Sea” will be supported by Bremeninvest (Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen) and is a contribution to the Science Year 2016*17 “Seas and Oceans - Discover. Use. Protect.” Admission is free and the exhibition runs through mid-October.

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