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PaleoDataView (PDV) is an open-source software tool for the management and maintenance of larger paleoceanographic data sets. The toolbox is currently developed by Michael Langner and Stefan Mulitza and funded through the German PalMod Project.

Please send your bug reports or other comments you may have to smulitza(at)marum.de

The current version of PDV provides

  • tools for the import and export of proxy data from/to Excel and text files,
  • an import helper for text files downloaded from Pangaea,
  • a zoomable map interface to quickly explore the availability of data in specific regions in the main window,
  • calibration of radiocarbon dates against IntCal13 (Reimer et al., 2013), taking custom or modelled (Butzin et al., 2017) reservoir ages into account,
  • visual alignment against standard reference curves (i.e. Lisiecki and Stern, 2016),
  • a map interface for the fast visualization modern ocean atlas values for core sites and the global ocean
  • a direct interface to BACON Age modelling (Blaauw and Christen, 2011).
PDV Main Window

Related publications/presentations

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Release notes

-Mac-users: Ensure that you have full writing and reading rights on the “PaleoDataView” folder, otherwise PDV or parts of it might not work properly

-Mac users: PDVs might not work in the “Dark mode”

-From Version onwards “Age” will be treated as an individual proxy. This required the storage of meta data in *.age netCDF files. Please run “Data-> Verify Database” from the main menu to convert age files from older versions

-From Version onwards it will be possible to also deploy the PALMOD 130k marine palaeoclimate data synthesis (Jonkers et al. 2020). This is a separate collection and does not overwrite other collections. After installation select “Data-> Change Collection-> Change Working Directory” to select the PalMod-folder

-Version includes some bug-fixes (i.e. a problem during the import of Excel files) as well as some new functionalities. Further information will be provided in an updated user guide soon

-Version includes several bug-fixes and now provides the option to use IntCal20 with regional reservoir ages for calibration and age modelling. The calibration curve can be changed for all tools in the calibration tool

-Version allows to adjust the color scale for hydrographic data

-Version includes several bug-fixes and corrected wrong headers in the Excel output

-Version corrects the tool for aligments to custom targets and an error in the visual representation of age uncertainty

Download (Installer)

Video Tutorials (preliminary)