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Dr. Melissa Cid



Research group Marine Glycobiology


+49 421 218-65755



Pa­vil­lion 1140

Melissa Cid


2017-present NSERC postdoctoral fellow

2016-present Post-doc, Max-Plank Institute, MARUM, Germany

2010-2015 Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Victoria, Canada

2005-2008 Master in Biotechnology, Louis Pasteur University, France

Postdoc Project

Glycan utilization is a key evolutionary driver of the gut microbiota. To thrive in the competitive gut environment, expanding catabolism capacity by targeting novel dietary complex glycans is a survival strategy adopted by certain gut microbes. I am interested in how these systems evolve in response to new carbohydrate sources from new dietary changes and their impact on human health. To address these questions, I use a combination of structural, biochemical and microbiological techniques as well as proteomics and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

Research interest

Glycan degradation by microbes

Gut microbiota

Host/microbe interactions

Structural biology


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2012 - E Ficko-Blean, CP Stuart, MD Suits, M Cid, M Tessier, RJ Woods and AB Boraston. Carbohydrate recognition by an architecturally complex α-Nacetylglucosaminidase from Clostridium perfringens. Public Library of Science One. 7(3):e33524.


2010 - M Cid, HL Pedersen, S Kaneko, PM Coutinho, B Henrissat, WG Willats and AB Boraston. Recognition of the helical structure of β-1,4- galactan by a new family of carbohydrate-binding modules. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 285(46):359996009.


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