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Dr. Maren Walter




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NW1, M3140

Maren Walter

About me

As a physical oceanographer I study small scale processes in the ocean and their relation to the large-scale circulation. My interest in estimating diapycnal mixing in the ocean was motivated by observations of deep water changes in the Nordic Seas (the topic of my PhD thesis), and lead to further work on finestructure variability and water mass conversion by mixing, with a recent emphasis on internal wave propagation, energy levels and fluxes. My second scientific interest, the fluxes and dispersal of products from hydrothermal vent sites, combines the physical oceanography of plume dispersal by mixing and currents with an interdisciplinary approach to vent research, using tools as direct current measurements as well as noble gas distributions. My focus here is on arc and back-arc systems in the Pacific and slow- to ultraslow spreading mid-oceanic ridges in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.


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