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Dr. Ketil Koop-Jakobsen



Marine Technology


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MARUM I, 1470

Ketil Koop-Jakobsen

Research Work

My research at MARUM currently revolves around 3 topics; 1) Trans-Atlantic integration of oceanic data. 2) Compiling and integrating a sensor-package for three underwater vehicles, and 3) Investigating rhizosphere processes in marine wetlands applying new sensor technology.

Trans-Atlantic integration of oceanic data: I am currently involved with the H2020-project AtlantOS, which primary goal is to deliver an advanced framework for the development of an integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System. My involvement revolves around improvement of data harmonization and data management activities and the implementation in GEOSS.

Sensor-package for three underwater vehicles: MARUM has multiple underwater vehicles. I am currently involved with the compilation and integration of a core sensor-package for small surface- and underwater gliders (CTD w. O2, Triplet fluorimeter, Acoustic Doppler, PAR-sensor etc.). Additionally, I am involved in the experimental integration of a lab-on-a-chip biosensors for marine research; a system that is also intended to be integrated on gliders.

Rhizosphere processes and new sensor technology: In a collaborative effort with Hamburg University and the sensor developing company, PreSens GmbH, I am currently conducting a project investigating rhizosphere processes applying advanced optical sensors imaging O2, pCO2 and pH inside the rhizosphere.

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