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Dr. Kaveh Purkiani



Geosystem Modeling


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GEO, 5390

Kaveh Purkiani
I am working as a postdoc at JPI Oceans Pilot Action "Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining" to assesses the ecological impacts which could arise from commercial mining activities in the deep-sea at near future.
The sediment transport modeling at the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) is the main focus of my research. The effect of ocean floor currents and different suspended sediment concentrations on particle flocculation properties such as floc size, floc sinking velocity and floc density are investigated.

Furthermore, I am working on analyzing satellite data and combine it with high-resolution Ocean Bottom Mooring (OBM) at CCZ region to find out the effect of gap wind jets in deep ocean current anomalies.

During my Ph.D., I studied the stratification and destratification process anomalies at a tidal inlet in the Wadden Sea based on a comparison of observational data and model simulation. We were able to point out the dynamical importance of lateral circulation and a unique salt transport mechanism at this tidal inlet.

The ocean dynamic at northeastern tropical Pacific Ocean is substantially influenced by intense episodic wind events which are funnelling from gaps in the Central American mountains. The propagation of mesoscale eddies indicated by sea surface height anomalies from January to March 2009  obtained from satellite observation data are shown here. The black cross shows the position of OBM which is influenced by eddies which are generated 2000 km far at Central America gap wind region.