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Dr. Alice Lefebvre


+49 421 218-65680



GEO, 3330

Alice Lefebvre

I am currently a scientist in the Cluster of Excellence ›The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface‹, in the Research Theme RECEIVER, and part of the Sedimentology Working Group from Prof Elda Miramontes.

I am one of MARUM women's representatives. Feel very welcome to get in touch for any matter related to equal opportunities.


Research interests

I am particularly interested in the interaction of geomorphology, hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics.

During my PhD, I worked on characterising small-scale roughness and the influence of seagrass meadows on the flow.

At MARUM, I have been investigating the complex interaction between large bedform fields and flows during diverse projects.

My research interests are now expending to geomorphology and sediment transport in deeper water, and how they interact with biogeochemistry.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or check out my publications and projects.


Geomorphological loop adapted to my research