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Submersible vehicle MARUM-QUEST deployed from the research ship METEOR during an expedition in the Arabian Sea

The submersible vehicle MARUM-QUEST can be deployed to water depths down to 4,000 meters.

The submersible vehicle MARUM-QUEST measures the temperature at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 3,000 meters below the surface.

The sea-floor drill rig MARUM-MEBO200 is lowered into the water from the research ship SONNE.

Control container for the MARUM-MEBO200: From here the drilling procedure is controlled and continuously monitored

Cores are removed from the sea-floor drill rig MARUM-MEBO200 after a drill run in the North Sea.

Deploying the autonomous underwater vehicle MARUM-SEAL from the RV METEOR in the Black Sea

The AUV MARUM-SEAL is lowered into the water from the RV METEOR and is ready for its first deployment in the Black Sea.