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Science in a pub

Mar 2, 2023
Science goes PUBlic starts into the next round.
Science goes PUBlic starts into the next round.

Serotonin, space junk, chemical molecules: Scientists from Bremen institutes bring their research to pubs as part of the "Science goes PUBlic" event series. It starts at 8:30 p.m. on March 2. An overview of participating scientists, their topics and the pubs can be found here

The lecture series is sponsored by the Network for Science Communication in Bremen.

For six weeks, at least half an hour in pubs in Bremen and Bremerhaven is dedicated to research. There are two contributions from MARUM and the University’s geosciences department in March: Susanne Alfken and Jan Kleint will talk about organic molecules and what they can tell us about the environment and climate at the Gastfeld on March 16. A week later, on March 23, Isabel Lange will report on her research, the goal of which is to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as part of the DAM research mission CDRmare – and this in the “Haifischbecken”.

The hygiene concept of the individual venues applies on all evenings.

Program SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC (in German)