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MARUM on the road

Virtual Deep Sea – 3D-dive to the sea floor

The ocean bed is characterized by a variety of underwater landscapes that include cold-water coral mounds, black smokers and mud volcanoes. This ...


Museums and other locations hosting MARUM

›Ozeane im Wandel‹ at the Klimahaus Bremerhaven

The MARUM traveling exhibition ›MeerErleben‹ will be shown in the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven from December 5th to May 25th in the framework of the new ...


Foyer of BMBF in Berlin

In the foyer of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Federal Minister Prof. Johanna Wanka has now opened the third part of the exhibition ›Das ...


Meeresmuseum Stralsund

The Mee­res­mu­se­um in Stral­sund pres­ents two new­ly de­si­gned ex­hi­bi­ti­on rooms on the to­pics of ›Tre­a­su­ry deep sea‹ and ›Po­lar re­gi­ons: ...


Deutsches Museum München

In 2014 the Deutsches Museum Munich opened an exhibition on marine research. MARUM contributes exhibits and videos from the deep sea. The original control ...


Ozeaneum Stralsund

The old hanseatic town of Stralsund hosts the impressive marine museum Ozeaneum. In summer 2011 the permanent exhibition ›Research and Utilization of the ...


International Maritime Museum Hamburg

Deck 7 of the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg addresses a wide range of marine research issues. Together with partner institutes from the German ...


Universum Science Center Bremen

In March 2015 the Universum Science Center Bremen was re-opened. Under the umbrella of the exhibition ›Nature MARUM provided the video ›Diving down into ...