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Drilling in Antarctica

Mar 2, 2017
Geology is done under the watchful eye of the local inhabitants. Photo: Yani Najman
The sea floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo70 is used for the first time in Antarctica. Here , the scientific team of the Polarstern cruise 104 wants to investigate how the Western Antarctic ice sheet changed in response to alternating warm and cold time periods. Furthermore, they want to find out what this means for today's and future sea level rise.
On the basis of sediment cores, the researchers will yield essential information on past water temperatures and the history of ice cover in the Amundsen Sea.

Scientists' expedition blog

„Hallo Polarstern – Anruf in der Antarktis“: Interview with Tim Freudenthal (in German)

Press release (via Alfred-Wegener Insitut)