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Annegret Rüßbült

Doctoral Students


Micropaleontology - Paleoceanography


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MARUM II - 1050

Annegret Rüßbült

Project description

Proxy development to determine and quantify past bottom redox conditions

The aim of my PhD project is to determine and quantify past bottom water oxygen concentrations. Therefore I will first further develop a proxy that is based on the selective degradation of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts. Various species of those cysts have been found to undergo degradation at different rates when oxygen is present, because some are more sensitive and so faster degraded than others.

In order to confirm the first method and to reconstruct deep ocean ventilation, I will combine the results with the analysis of Neodymium (Nd) isotopes in iron-manganese crusts on foraminifera. The coatings that can form on foraminifera shells have been recently suggested as a useful phase to study changes in circulation in a high resolution during the late Quaternary.

My studies mainly focus on the region off the coast of Cape Blanc (NW Africa) due to the high productivity caused by upwelling and different oxygen conditions in the bottom waters.