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Dr. Anna Joy Drury


Postdoctoral researcher


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MARUM II - Room 0020

Dr. Anna Joy Drury

Research Interests

  • Neogene climate evolution and palaeoceanography
  • Application of stable isotopes and trace elements as palaeoclimate proxies
  • Preservation of geochemical signals in foraminifera
  • Spectral analyses and astronomical tuning

Recent Publications

  • Wilkens, R.H., Westerhold, T., Drury, A.J., Lyle, M., Gorgas, T., Tian, J., 2017, ‘Revisiting Ceara Rise, eq. Atlantic Ocean: isotope stratigraphy of ODP Leg 154’, Climates of the Past Discussions, DOI:10.5194/cp-2016-140
  • Drury, A.J. and John, C.M., 2016, ‘Exploring the potential of clumped isotope thermometry on coccolith-rich sediments as a sea surface temperature proxy’, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 17, DOI:10.1002/2016GC006459 Pangaea PDF
  • Drury, A.J., John, C.M., Shevenell, A.E., 2016 ‘Evaluating climatic response to external radiative forcing in the late Miocene to early Pliocene: new perspectives from Eastern Equatorial Pacific (IODP U1338) and North Atlantic (ODP 982) locations’, Paleoceanography, 31, 167-184, DOI:10.1002/2015PA002881 Pangaea PDF

Reseach Employment and Education

∙ April 2014 - Present: Postdoctoral position on late Miocene timescale controversy (MARUM, Bremen)
∙ Oct 2010 - Feb 2014: PhD on late Miocene and early Pliocene climate variability (Imperial College London, UK)
∙ Oct 2009 - Sep 2010: MSc in Geoscience (palaeoclimate), (University College London, UK)
∙ Nov 2008 - Feb 2009: Research internship at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) modelling changes in wetland methane emissions between 21 ka to 0 ka (De Bilt, The Netherlands)
∙ Sep 2005 - Aug 2008: Double Major (University College Utrecht, Utrecht University, the Netherlands):
BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Earth Sciences, chemistry, physical chemistry)
BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (history, Chinese, performing arts)

Other Activities

Research Cruises

IODP Expedition 363 Western Pacific Warm Pool
I sailed as a Physical Properties Specialist on IODP Exp. 363 to the Western Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP). Recovering 9 sites in the western equatorial Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean, this expedition aimed to understand the interaction between climate and the WPWP from the middle Miocene to Holocene.

Teaching and Workshops

March 2016:Instructor of the Virtual Drillship practical on Physical Properties, during the ECORD Training Course 2016, MARUM
Oct 2015:Co-organiser workshop on ‘Career Opportunities in German Academia’
2010-2014:Graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate/MSc courses (class/field based), ICL
2011-2013:Coordinator of Graduate Teaching Assistants for class and field based courses, ICL

Committee experience

2014-2016:Postdoctoral Representative, MARUM
2014-2015:Organiser of ‘Meet&Greet’ sessions at MARUM with senior academics for early career scientists
Sept 2014:Session chair ‘5th Marine & Climate Early Career Scientists Conference’, MARUM
2010-2013:Committee member Earth Science and Engineering Graduate Society, ICL
Departmental PhD student representation and organisation of events and fieldtrips.
2009-2010Student representative for MSc Geoscience programme, UCL