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Dr. Ania Matulka



Geosystem Modeling


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Dr.  Ania Matulka

Current Project

PalMod - From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene: Modeling a Complete Glacial Cycle

The envisioned approach is innovative in three respects. First, the consortium aims at simulating a full glacial cycle in transient mode and with comprehensive ESMs which allow full interactions between the physical and biogeochemical components of the Earth system, including ice sheets. Second, we shall address climate variability during the last glacial cycle on a large range of time scales, from interannual to multi-millennial, and attempt to quantify the relative contributions of external forcing and processes internal to the Earth system to climate variability at different time scales. Third, in order to achieve a higher level of understanding of natural climate variability at time scales of millennia, its governing processes and implications for the future climate, we bring together three different research communities: the Earth system modeling community, the proxy data community and the computational science community. The research is intended to be conducted over a period of 10 years, but with shorter funding cycles.


Research Interests

* Ocean Modelling and Physical Oceanography
* Atmospheric Science and Geophysical fluid dynamics
* Mixing and Dispersion in Environmental Stratified and rotating Flows