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Paul Wintersteller

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Allgemeine Geologie - Marine Geologie


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GEO-Building / 1230

Paul Wintersteller


  • Head of the Seafloor Mapping & Imaging (SMI) Group as a Marine Geology Subgroup
  • IT-Admin of the Marine Geology Group
  • Associated to the MARUM Marine Technology Group
  • ESRI ArcGIS contact for the state of Bremen license

Research Fields

  • Cold Seeps & Anaerobic oxidation of methane
  • Cold Water Corals
  • Continental Slope Architecture
  • Mass-Transport Deposits

Technical Interests






  • Multibeam Backscatter Analysis
  • Multibeam Bathymetry
  • Sidescan Analysis
  • Water Column Data
  • Seafloor Classification
  • Subbottom Profiling
  • ADCP Measurements
  • Topobathymetric LiDAR
  • GIS Server Technology
  • Structural & Zonal Classifications
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Modelling

Scientific-Technical Consulting

  • Approval of hydroacoustic devices
  • Quality management of bathymetric surveys
  • Calibration of USBL and MBES devices
  • Data management
  • ESRI ArcGIS LBL (Land Bremen License) contact person


Riedel, M, Hähnel, L, Bialas, J, Bachmann, AK, Gaide, S, Wintersteller, P, Klaucke, I and Bohrmann, G (2021) Controls on gas emission distribution on the continental slope of the western Black Sea. Frontiers in Earth Science, 8. doi:10.3389/feart.2020.601254

Wintersteller, P, Foskolos, N, Ferreira, C, Karantzalos, K, Lampridou, D, Baika, K, Anbar, J, Quintana, J, Kokorotsikos, S, Pisa, C and Nomikou, P (2021) The NEANIAS project - Bathymetric mapping and processing goes cloud. Hydrographische Nachrichten, H118. 30-36. doi:10.23784/HN118-04

Bohrmann, G, Wintersteller, P, dos Santos Ferreira, C, Römer, M and Meinecke, G (2020) Hochauflösende bathymetrische Untersuchungen im Mittelmeer - Eine Schlüsselanalyse zum Verständnis submarinen Schlammvulkanismus. Hydrographische Nachrichten, 10. 28-33. doi:10.23784/HN117-04

Geissler, WH, Wintersteller, P, Maia, M, Strack, A, Kammann, J, Eagles, G, Jegen, M, Schloemer, A and Jokat, W (2020) Seafloor evidence for pre-shield volcanism above the Tristan da Cunha mantle plume. Nature Communications, 11(1). doi:10.1038/s41467-020-18361-4

Klügel, A, Villinger, H, Römer, M, Kaul, N, Krastel, S, Lenz, KF and Wintersteller, P (2020) Hydrothermal activity at a Cretaceous seamount, Canary Archipelago, caused by rejuvenated volcanism. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7. doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.584571

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Schmitt, T, Schaap, D, Spoelstra, G, Slabon, P, Wintersteller, P and Hartmann, K (2020) The European harmonised bathymetry grid EMODnet Bathymetry - Introduction, outlook and contribution from German partners. Hydrographische Nachrichten, 10. 20-26. doi:10.23784/HN117-03

Hebbeln, D, Bender, M, Gaide, S, Titschack, J, Vandorpe, T, Van Rooij, D, Wintersteller, P and Wienberg, C (2019) Thousands of cold-water coral mounds along the Moroccan Atlantic continental margin: Distribution and morphometry. Marine Geology, 411. 51-61. doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2019.02.001 PANGAEA Supplementary Data

Hsu, CW, MacDonald, IR, Römer, M, Pape, T, Sahling, H, Wintersteller, P and Bohrmann, G (2019) Characteristics and hydrocarbon seepage at the Challenger Knoll in the Sigsbee Basin, Gulf of Mexico. Geo-Marine Letters, 39(5). 391-399. doi:10.1007/s00367-019-00595-x

Marcon, Y, Kopiske, E, Leymann, T, Spiesecke, U, Vittori, V, von Wahl, T, Wintersteller, P, Waldmann, C and Bohrmann, G (2019) A rotary sonar for long-term acoustic monitoring of deep-sea gas emissions. OCEANS 2019 - Marseille. 1-8. doi:10.1109/OCEANSE.2019.8867218

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Nr Expedition Area Start On board in End Port of call Position
68 M146 Henry Seamount 15.03.2018 Recife 16.04.2018 Las Palmas Scientist
67 MSM70-2 Canary Islands 31.01.2018 Las Palmas 04.02.2018 Las Palmas Scientist
66 M142 Black Sea 02.11.2017 Varna 21.11.2017 Varna Scientist
65 M134 South Georgia 12.01.2017 Falkland 18.02.2017 Punta Arenas Scientist
64 MSM57 Vestnesa Ridge / West of Svalbard 20.07.2016 Reykjavik 15.08.2016 Longyearbyen Scientist
63 POS499 Calabrian Arc 02.05.2016 Catania 22.05.2016 Catania Scientist
62 M122 Namibia, Angola (Atlantik) 26.12.2015 Walvisbay siehe unten Walvisbay Scientist
61 HE450 Spitzbergen, Barrentssee 23.08.2015 Tromsö 09.09.2015 Tromsö Scientist
60 M114 Jamaika, Golf of Mexico 08.02.2015 Kingston 01.03.2015 Veracruz Scientist
59 M112 Ionisches Meer 03.11.2014 Catania 16.12.2014 Catania Scientist
58 HE413 Holländische Nordsee 13.01.2014 Bremerhaven 22.01.2014 Bremerhaven Scientist
57 OR-5_1311-4 SW off Taiwan 23.11.2013 Kaohsiung 05.12.2013 Kaohsiung Scientist
56 ANT29-4 Scotia Sea 17.03.2013 Punta Arenas 22.04.2013 Malvinas Scientist
55 OR-5_1302-1 SW off Taiwan 03.02.2013 Anping 09.02.2013 Anping Scientist
54 OR-5_1209-1 SW off Taiwan 14.09.2012 Kaohsiung 15.10.2012 Kaohsiung Scientist
53 Littorina Baltic Sea 29.08.2012 Kiel 30.08.2012 Kiel Scientist
52 SO222b Kumano basin, Japan 29.06.2012 Nagoya 19.07.2012 Pusan Scientist
51 MSM20-4 Golf of Mexico, Florida strait 08.03.2012 Barbados 12.04.2012 Bahamas Scientist
50 MSM20-1 Off Namibia 02.01.2012 Cape Town  17.01.2012 Walvis Bay Scientist
49 M84-2 Black Sea 23.02.2011 Istanbul 02.04.2011 Istanbul Scientist
48 POS405 Mid-Atlantic-Ridge 26.07.2010 Ponta Delgada 11.08.2010 Ponta Delgada Scientist
47 MSM15-2 Black Sea 07.05.2010 Istanbul 05.06.2010 Athen Scientist
46 MSM13-4 Eastern Mediterranean 20.11.2009 Limassol 15.12.2009 Limassol Scientist
45 MSM13-3 Eastern Mediterranean 23.10.2009 Limassol 18.11.2009 Limassol Scientist
44 POS385 Western Mediterranean 27.05.2009 Faro 16.06.2009 Toulon Scientist
43 M77/2 Off Peru 24.11.2008 Callao 27.12.2008 Guayaquil Sys-Man
42 M77/1 Off Chile 22.10.2008 Talcahuano 21.11.2008 Callao Sys-Man
41 M76/3A Pacific 06.06.2008 Walvis Bay 18.07.2008 Walvis Bay Sys-Man
40 M76/2 Pacific 13.05.2008 Walvis Bay? 05.06.2008 Walvis Bay Sys-Man
39 M75/3 Indian Ocean 25.02.2008 Dar es Salaam 01.03.2008 Durban SA Sys-Man
38 M75/2 Indian Ocean 06.02.2008 Dar es Salaam 24.02.2008 Dar es Salaam Sys-Man
37 M75/1B Indian Ocean 16.01.2008 la Reunion  05.02.2008 Dar es Salaam Sys-Man
36 M74/1 Indic 31.08.2007 Iraklion 06.10.2007 Fujairah Sys-Man
35 M72/5 Black Sea 13.05.2007 Istanbul 05.06.2007 Istanbul Sys-Man
34 M72/4 Black Sea 23.04.2007 Istanbul 12.05.2007 Istanbul Sys-Man
33 M72/1 Black Sea 02.02.2007 Istanbul 23.02.2007 Istanbul Sys-Man
32 M71/3 0 15.01.2007 Heraklion  05.02.2007 Istanbul Sys-Man
31 M70/2 Eastern Mediterranean 20.10.2006 Heraklion  24.11.2006 Heraklion  Sys-Man
30 M70/1 Adria, Mediterranean 21.09.2006 LaValetta  19.10.2006 Heraklion  Sys-Man
29 M68/3 Off Cape Verde 12.07.2006 Midelo 09.08.2006 Las Palmas GC Sys-Man
28 M68/2 Transatlantic 02.06.2006 Recife 09.07.2006 Mindelo Sys-Man
27 M67/2a Panama/Mexico 15.03.2006 Cristobal 04.04.2006 Tampico Sys-Man
26 M67/1 Chile 21.02.2006 Talcahuano 13.03.2006 Balboa Sys-Man
25 M61/2 W off Irland 05.05.2004 Cork 04.06.2004 Cork Sys-Man
24 M60/2 Transatlantic 09.12.2003 Funchal 14.01.2004 Fort de France Sys-Man
23 M60/1 Madeira 11.11.2003 Kiel 06.12.2003 Funchal Sys-Man
22 M59/3 Subpolar North Atlantic 27.08.2003 St. John's 05.10.2003 Bremerhaven Sys-Man
21 M58/1 Senegal/Kan.Insel, Spanien 22.04.2003 Dakar 04.05.2003 Las Palmas Sys-Man
20 M57/3 Namibia/Senegal 15.03.2003 Walvis Bay 16.04.2003 Dakar Sys-Man
19 M57/2 Namibia 11.02.2003 Walvis Bay 12.03.2003 Walvis Bay Sys-Man
18 M57/1 South Africa/Namibia 14.01.2003 Cape Town  08.02.2003 Walvis Bay Sys-Man
17 M56/1 Kamerun/Gabon 18.11.2002 Douala 06.12.2002 Libreville Sys-Man
16 M55 Curacao/Kamerun 13.10.2002 Willemstad 16.11.2002 Douala Sys-Man
15 M54/3B Costa Rica/Curacao 30.09.2002 Caldera 11.10.2002 Willemstad Sys-Man
14 M54/3A Costa Rica 10.09.2002 Caldera 29.09.2002 Caldera Sys-Man
13 M54/2 Costa Rica 09.08.2002 Caldera 07.09.2002 Caldera Sys-Man
12 SO163/2 Off Costa Rica 21.04.2002 0 23.05.2002 0 Sys-Man
11 SO163/1 Off Costa Rica 13.03.2002 0 20.04.2002 0 Sys-Man
10 SO162 Off South - Middle Amerika 15.02.2002 0 12.03.2002 0 Sys-Man
9 SO161/5 East Pacific 20.12.2001 0 30.01.2002 0 Sys-Man
8 SO161/1 East Pacific 09.10.2001 Antofagasta 16.10.2001 0 Sys-Man
7 SO160 Galapagos 18.09.2001 0 08.10.2001 Antofagasta Sys-Man
6 SO159 0 21.08.2001 Guayaquil 17.09.2001 Guayaquil Sys-Man
5 SO158 Galapagos 15.07.2001 Guayaquil 20.08.2001 Guayaquil Sys-Man
4 SO157 Southeast Pacific 09.06.2001 Conception 14.07.2001 Easter Island Sys-Man
3 SO156/3 Off Chile 19.04.2001 0 14.05.2001 0 Scientist
2 SO156/2 Off Chile 06.04.2001 0 18.04.2001 0 Scientist
1 SO156/1 Off Chile 29.03.2001 Valparaiso 05.04.2001 0 Scientist
Dockyard & Ship time for sea trial/testing/surveys
112 - Kiel/Hamburg 01.07.2014 Kiel 03.07.2014 Hamburg Sea trial
111 Heincke Helgoland/Nordsee 09.01.2014 Helgoland 10.01.2014 Helgoland Sea trial
110 Kormoran Bodensee 24.06.2013 Langenargen 26.06.2013 Langenargen Survey
109 Kormoran Bodensee 28.04.2013 Langenargen 30.04.2013 Langenargen Survey
108 - Bremerhaven 16.02.2012 Bremerhaven 16.02.2012 Bremerhaven Sea trial
107 Kormoran Lake Constance 19.04.2009 Langenargen 24.04.2009 Langenargen Survey
106 Meteor Talcahuano / Chile 01.10.2008 Talcahuano 21.10.2008 Talcahuano Dockyard
105 Meteor Cadiz 12.06.2007 Cadiz 21.07.2007 Cadiz Dockyard
104 Meteor Talcahuano 01.02.2006 Talcahuano 20.02.2006 Talcahuano Dockyard
103 Meteor Bremerhaven 05.10.2003 Bremerhaven 10.11.2003 Bremerhaven Dockyard
102 Meteor 0 27.12.2002 Cape Town  13.01.2002 Cape Town Dockyard
101 Sonne Talcahuano 31.01.2002 0 14.02.2002 0 Dockyard


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