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Support of Early Career Researchers

Embedded in a stimulating interdisciplinary and international environment of outstanding reserach conditions, the Support Programme for Early Career Researchers offers training, resources and career guidance to enhance their sense of self-responsibility and academic independence, and fosters current and future excellence in ocean-floor research.

Early Career Researchers at MARUM
Early Career Researchers on a ship-board training (Photo credits: Marlen Baumer)

The unique combination of specialised education in ocean-floor science, transferable skills training, international networking, and support of professional development aims to enhance the career prospects of early career researchers, not only in academia but also on a broader job market.

PhD students and Postdocs of the Cluster of Excellence are part of the MARUM early career researcher community. Please find further information on support structures on the following page: Support offers for MARUM Early Career Researchers

Programme Manager / Point of Contact

Klose, Christina, Dr.+49 421 218-65653MARUM II, room 3250[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

Responsible Researchers

Hebbeln, Dierk, Prof. Dr.+49 421 218-65650MARUM II, 3180[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Hehemann, Jan-Hendrik, Prof. Dr.+49 421 218-65775MARUM Pavillon, Raum 1100[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Müller, Juliane, Dr.+49 471 4831-1238AWI, Building D-1280[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]