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Research Unit REACTOR – Projects

Active Projects within the cluster unit REACTOR

Project Contact PI Theme
Magnetic mineral alteration induced by diffusive oxygen and cation fluxes in ridge flank sediments Adrian Hoefken Tilo von Dobeneck 1, 3
Biogeochemical cycling of iron, carbon and sulfur in coastal and continental margin sediments Anne-Christin Melcher Sabine Kasten, Susanne Henkel  2
Degradation of complex petroleum hydrocarbons in the marine environment Jonas Brünjes Florence Schubotz  3, 2
In­vest­ig­at­ing the sea­floor as a re­actor through experiments Christian Hansen Wolfgang Bach 1
Transport and speciation of hydrothermally derived metals (e.g. Fe and Zn) from different island arc systems and mid-ocean ridges Charlotte Kleint Andrea Koschinsky  3
Investigation of the Bathymodiolus symbiosis at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - from environment to host and symbionts Merle Ücker Nicole Dubilier  3, 1
Identification, functioning, and molecular signatures of thermophilic archaea involved in anaerobic hydrocarbon oxidation Hanna Zehnle  Gunter Wegener 3, 2
Vent precipitates from hydrothermal active subantarctic volcanic systems – examples from Kemp Caldera Victoria Kürzinger Gerhard Bohrmann  3
Deep biosphere and element cycling in sediments Michael Kossack  Matthias Zabel 2, 3
Fluid-rock interaction in mud volcanoes and fault zones at the Hellenic Subduction Zone Nele Behrendt  Achim Kopf 12
The effects of sample recovery on the gene expression of deep-sea organisms using in situ fixation approaches Må­lin Ti­et­jen  Nicole Dubilier  3 


Past projects within the cluster unit REACTOR

Project Contact PI Theme
Polar Systems (POSY1) Elmar Albers Marta Perez-Gussinye 1
Polar Systems (POSY2) Ricarda Dziadek Vera Schlindwein 1