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Existing models are shown in blue (with representative model grids), while the processes and interactions to be added in the Enabler Ocean-Floor Modeling Framework are depicted in dark red.

The geodynamic diversity of the ocean floor is not considered in ocean biogeochemical models. The Enabler Ocean-Floor Modeling Framework (MODELING) will develop a modeling system that includes a dynamic ocean-floor component and integrates the diverse observational data generated by the three Research Units.

The goal of the Enabler Ocean-Floor Modeling Framework is to estimate element fluxes and budgets, including their uncertainties, and to facilitate the understanding of the feedbacks between marine ecosystems and the reactive ocean floor, ocean circulation, and marine biogeochemical cycles. The following two tasks will be central to our activities:

  • exploration of the impacts of ocean-floor dynamics on the variability of seawater composition and global biogeochemical cycling, and
  • exploration of the interactions between the shelf-sea and open-ocean circulations and marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems.