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Technical Specifications

System dimensions

Transport units:
1 x 20' Special van OT, hardtop foldable (ROV, LARS)
1 x 20' Special van OT, hardtop foldable (winch)
1 x 20' Offshore rated control van
1 x 20' Workshop van

System transportation weight: 45 t incl. containers

Vehicle Specification

Vehicle type: "QUEST 5 Electric Heavy Workclass ROV"
Manufacturer: Schilling Robotics, Davis, CA, USA
Operation depth: max. 4000 m
Operational mode: "free fly", umbilical direct to ROV without TMS or depressor
Weight: 3,5 t
Dimensions: L x W x H 3,3 x 1,9 x 2,3 m
Max. payload: 250 kg (inkl. toolskid)
Modular toolskid: 3,3 x 1,9 x 0,7 m, 2 x hydraul. drawers
Electric power: 60 kW @ 3000VAC, 400Hz
Propulsion: 7 coreless ring thrusters @ 600 VDC, 11 kW
Telemetry: 16 x Composite Video, 4 x Y/C Video, 1 x HD-SDI, SMTP292M 1.5 GBit (HDTV), 52 x RS232 bis 56 kBaud, 8 x RS485 bis 115 kBaud, Ethernet 10/100 MBit
Hydraulic power: 1 x 15kW, 600 VDC HPU with 500 - 3000 psi (207 bar) @ 7 gpm (26 lpm)
Hydraulic tools: 1 x Schilling Robotics "Orion 7PE" 7-Funvcion proportional manipulator, nom. 65 kg lift capacity
1 x Schilling Robotics "Rigmaster", 5-Function rate controlled manipulator, max. 250 kg lift capacity
1 x Webtool hydraulic cable cutter
1 x 8 Port hydraulic Manifold, 2 Ports free

Scientific payload (standard setup)

CTD: 1 x Sea and Sun "ASD-CTD60"
HiTemp Probe: Marum / Schwartech Temperatur probe 0- >400 Deg °C (realtime or autonomous)
Suction sampler: 1 x KUM Rotary Suction Sampler with 8 discrete bottles, suction power up to 250 lpm, jet-mode (thruster driven)
Sample tools: 1 x sample drawer box 580 x 930 x 420 mm (WxLxH), variable setup, up to 16 x pushcores
optional 2nd identical drawer box if HDTV is not used
diverse "Hand"-Tools like nets, scoops etc.
AUTOKLAV pressure tight sample container (AG Bohrmann, Marum Uni Bremen)
many other scientific tools have been adapted to, but are not hosted within the QUEST system (including gas samplers, water samplers, T-probes, inductive links, in situ mass spectrometry, fluid samplers, bubble meter, Microprobes, diverse autonomous devices, etc)

Navigation equipment

USBL: 2 x IXSEA Posidonia USBL Transponder
2 x IXSEA GAPS USBL Transponder and 1 Antenna (optional)
Doppler log: 1 x RDI DVL Workhorse 1200 kHz
Inertial sensor: 1 x Crossbow VG700CA fibreoptic MRU
others: 1 x TCM2 compass
1 x Sonardyne ROV-Homer Acustic Beaconfinder
3+ x Sonardyne Acoustic-Beacons
1 x Novatech Flasher

Cameras and Video Recording

Composite video: 1 x Color Video "DSPL SSC 6500 Colorzoom" on proportional P/T head
2 x Color Video "Insite Pegasus Colorzoom", 1 x on proportional P/T head
2 x Color Video "Insite Aurora FixFocus"
1 x Color Video "DSPL Multi Sea Cam LED"
1 x Color Video "WideI Cam" vertical front overview
1 x 3CCD Broadcast Quality Video "Insite Atlas Colorzoom" vertical mount (optional)
Digital still fotography: 1 x Digital Foto 3.4 MPix "Insite Scorpio"
1 x Digital MARUM Fotocamera 29Mpix, Ethernet, vertical mount (optional)
High definition: 1 x HDTV "Insite Zeus Plus Colorzoom" 1080i on proportional Tilt mount
Video tape recording:
1 x SONY HDCAM HDTV HDW-S280 @ 59.94 Hz
Digital recording:
2 x SD digital file recording, H.264, avi
1 x HD digital file recording, H.264, avi
1 x SVGA tiled pilot screen recording, mp4
1 x SD framgrab 5sec.
1 x HD framegrab 5 sec.
Others: 1 x PAL/NTSC video-overlay System "Options VIGRA"
1 x UTC realtime Timecode synchronisation of all video feeds (LTC)
1 x video editing workstation, PAL/NTSC/SDI/HD_SDI
1 x realtime 8 channel subsea video distribution via CAT5/MM fibre or digital IP-stream

Light setup

High power (240VDC): 2 x 400W DSPL SeaArc HMI
1 x 150W DSPL SuperSeaArc HID
up to 4 x 500W incandescent
up to 4 x 250W LED
Low Power (26VDC): up to 6 x 150W incandescent dimmable
3 x 10 W HID
up to 4 x 250W LED
2 x 532nm Laser 5mW (green)
2 x fotografic strobes "Insite Scorpio Strobe"
2 x fotografic strobes "CATHX APHOS 32" (vertical)


Forward looking: 1 x Kongsberg 1071 series scanning sonar head 675 kHz single frequency
Imaging: 1 x Benthos SIS 1600 sidescan sonar system

Control van

Unit: 20' Offshore rated ISO Container,
Weight : ca. 8 t
Power Transformation: 380-400VAC/50Hz to 3300VAC/400Hz
Interior (major components): 2 pilot stations
2 scientific stations, 1 scientific "spare" place
1 x main projection subsea video display, 8 channels
6 x 15' TFT data displays
1 x 27' HDTV TFT 3D display
1 x 24' HDTV TFT display
1 x Werum DAVIS-ROV realtime database
1 x JHU DVLNAv navigation software
1 x IFREMER MIMOSA mission planning system


Type: "Cormac 5000/17,8-65" electric storage winch
Manufacturer: MacArtney, Esbjerg, Denmark
Weight: 15,3 t including cable
Dimensions: L x B x H2,2 x 3,2 x 2,2 m
drum diameter 1,8m, water cooled
Eletcric power: max 120 kW, nom < 50kW
Load rating: SWL52 kN
Pulling speed: up to 60m/min
Controls:1 x proportional joystick local
1 x proportional console mobile on deck
1 x proportional console in control van


Type: "17,6 mm ROV power and control cable", loose tube fit
Manufacturer: NSW, Nordenham, Germany
Length: 5000m
Armour: 2 layers galvanized steel
Minimum Breaking strength: 140 kN
Interior: 6 x SingleMode glasfibre
3 x 4 square copper lines rated to max. 3300V
3 x Drain copper lines

Launch and recovery system

Type: Special LARS frame for QUEST ROV
Manufacturer: FHF / KONO / RF, Bremen, Germany
Specification: adaptable frame for vessel A-frames
pneumatic dampers, wire guides
needs vessel's aux. lift winch for operation
Weight: ca. 1t
Umbilical block: SWL 6,5t, diameter 950 mm, with cable lever arms