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NERIDIS Electromagnetic Seabed Profiler

Short description

NERIDIS III, a new benthic profiler sled developed and owned by MARUM carries out controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM or EM) soundings to determine relevant seabed properties.

Marine CSEM is an emerging active method to detect seabed properties and anomalies at different scales. These data help to assess hydrocarbon and mineral reservoirs, fresh water seeps or melting zones. We developed the benthic CSEM profiler MARUM Neridis III to map the magnetic susceptibility and electric conductivity of the surficial seabed sediments to deduct their composition, porosity, stratification and formation conditions.

The system is also equipped with a new high-speed flash camera system to create continuous high-resolution optical sea-floor images. Turbidity and Salinity of benthic nepheloid layers can be recorded with the built-in CTD system. Profiling surveys are typically accompanied by material sampling and shipboard Multibeam bathymetry for obstacle avoidance.

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