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MARUM-MeBo operational system

Containerised system

Loading of MARUM-MeBo containers on deck of research vessel RV MARIA S. MERIAN
Next to the drill rig the operational system of MARUM-MeBo70 comprises the winch with 2500 m of steel armoured umbilical, the control cabin, a drill tool container, a workshop container and the launch and recovery system (LARS). For easy transportation and fast assembly each unit is containerised besides of the LARS. The latter is transported within a 20' open container and has to be assembled and mounted on deck of the research vessel before loading of the MARUM-MeBo70. The containerisation of the system allows worldwide operation on multi-purpose research vessels of opportunity. The vessel requires enough deck space for accomodation of four containers, launch and recovery system and drill rig and a crane or A-Frame with at least 20 tonnes safe working load.
MeBo operational system on deck of the research vessel RV METEOR

Launching the MeBo

Deployment start: the MARUM-MeBo70 is pulled with the LARS from horizontal position on deck to vertical position at the stern. Then the load is lifted by the MeBo-winch and the vessel's A frame into the water.
MeBo operational system on deck of the research vessel RV METEOR
maximum pull
MacArtney Lift umbilical winch
29 t (including umbilical)
6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
121 kW
12 – 17 t
breaking load
power pack energy supply
control energy supply
2500 m type NSW 32 mm
3 layers steel armour
Break load 630 kN
9 x SM fibre
6 x 3000 V
4 x 1200 V
Launch and recovery system (MeBo-LARS)Built by Motorenwerke Bremerhaven / Prakla Bohrtechnik
Equipment overview1 x 20' special container (MeBo)
1 x 20' special container (Winch)
1 x 20' control container
1 x 20' work shop container
1 x 20' drill tool container
1 x 20' transport container (MeBo-LARS)
Total system weightApproximately 90 t

Remote control

Several sensors and cameras are used to monitor the drilling process at the sea floor. Two operators per shift are required in the control cabin. The Graphical User Interface specially developed for MARUM-MeBo70 allows drilling by mouse click.