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Dr. Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams

Wissenschaftliches Personal




+49 421 218-65592




Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams

Hochschulstraße 18
28359 Bremen

Research cruises

  • 'L/B Myrtle', IODP-MSP Expedition 364, 2016, Chicxulub Impact Crater (data manager)
  • 'RRS James Cook', IODP-MSP Expedition 357, 2015, Atlantis Massif, Central Atlantic (data manager)
  • 'L/B Kayd', IODP-MSP Expedition 313, 2009, New Jersey Shallow Shelf (data manager)
  • 'DP Hunter', IODP-MSP Expedition 310, 2005, Tahiti (data manager)
  • 'Oden', IODP-MSP Expedition 302, 2004, Arktic Ocean (data manager)
  • 'Bavenit', PROMESS 1, 2004, Mediterranean Sea (data manager)
  • 'JOIDES Resolution', ODP Leg 173, 1997, Iberia Abyssal Plain (sedimentologist)
  • 'Prof. Logatchev', LO-09, 1993, N-Atlantic/Reykjanes Ridge (chief scientist)
  • 'Poseidon' 175/2, 1990, Greenland Sea/Kolbeinsey Ridge (chief scientist)
  • 'Polarstern', ARK-VII/1, 1990, Greenland Sea/Kolbeinsey Ridge (sedimentologist)
  • 'Poseidon' 158, 1989, Greenland Sea/Kolbeinsey Ridge (sedimentologist)
  • 'Meteor' 7/5, 1988, Greenland Sea (sedimentologist)
  • 'Polarstern', ARK-V/3a, 1988, Greenland Sea/Kolbeinsey Ridge (sedimentologist)

MARUM publications

Diepenbroek, M, Grobe, H, Huber, R, Schindler, U, Schumacher, S, Wallrabe-Adams, HJ and Collier, RW (2012) Navigating the data: Scientific Earth Drilling Information Service - SEDIS. ECORD Newsletter, 18. 18-19. http://www.ecord.org/pub/SEDIS-NL18.pdf

Wallrabe-Adams, HJ (2011) PANGAEA - a Data Library for IODP. ECORD Newsletter, 16. 5. http://www.ecord.org/pub/Pangaea-NL16.pdf

Conze, R, Krysiak, F, Reed, J, Chen, YC, Wallrabe-Adams, HJ, Graham, C, New Jersey Shallow Shelf Science Team, Wennrich, V and Lake El'gygytgyn Science Team (2010) New Integrated Data Analyses Software Components. Scientific Drilling, 9. 30-31. doi:10.2204/iodp.sd.9.08.2010

Conze, R, Wallrabe-Adams, HJ, Graham, CC and Krysiak, F (2007) Joint Data Management on ICDP Projects and IODP Mission Specific Platform Expeditions. Scientific Drilling, 4. 32-34. doi:10.2204/iodp.sd.4.07.2007

Graham, CC, Röhl, U, Skinner, AC and Wallrabe-Adams, HJ (2006) Methods, Expedition 302 Scientists. In: Backman, J, Moran, K, McInroy, D, Mayer, LA and Expedition 302 Scientists (eds.) Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.. doi:10.2204/iodp.proc.302.2006

Wallrabe-Adams, HJ, Altenbach, AV, Kempe, A, Kuhnt, W and Schäfer, P (2005) Facies development of ODP Leg 173 sediments and comparison with tectono-sedimentary sequences of compressional Iberian plate margins - a general overview. In: Martin-Chivelet, J, Gomez, JL and Gräfe, KU (eds.) Jurassic and Cretaceous biofacies between W-Tethys and North Atlantic. Cases histories from Iberia. Journal Iberian Geology Special Issue, 235-251.

Wallrabe-Adams, HJ, Diepenbroek, M, Grobe, H and Sieger, R (2002) Databases as fundamental tools for interdisciplinary research: PANGAEA Network for Geological and Environmental Data and the World Data Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (WDC-MARE). InterRidge News, 11(2). 46-47. hdl:10013/epic.18264