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SD2 - Climatic control on large-scale sedimentary structures

T. Schwenk, T.J.J. Hanebuth, T. Mörz, D. Hebbeln, R. Henrich

A. Bartholomä, M. Elvert, A. Freiwald, D.A. Hepp, S. Kasten, H. Keil, H. Lantzsch, H. Müller, F. Oberle, M. Strasser, V. Spieß, T. v. Dobeneck

The sedimentary systems of continental shelves and slopes host various large-scale depositional and erosional features whose formation processes are controlled by sediment flux, hydrodynamic conditions, sea level, and local topography (Nittrouer et al. 2007). All of these parameters commonly interact with each other in a complex way and react strongly to climatic conditions.

The effect of climatic forcing on locally confined depocenters (shelf mud belts, shelf sand fields, lowstand deltas, slope contourites), elongated depressions (paleo-valleys, slope canyons), and characteristic erosional features (furrows, scars) will be studied by interdisciplinary approaches. Major advances supporting such studies are provided through the MeBo system, which has already been successfully applied for SD studies at the Uruguay margin, and by the newly developed GOST system providing in-situ geotechnical data.