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Projects in Research Area Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions (GB)

Collaborative Projects

DFG Research Cluster / Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System"

In four core projects pelagic porcesses are linked to the ocean seafloor, including cold seeps, hot vents, and the deer subsurface. ... +

ERC Advanced Grant "ZOOMecular"

Read the fine print: Zooming into paleoenvironmental and biogeochemical processes through molecular imaging of biomarker distributions in sediments ... +

Max Planck Research Group "Paleobiochemistry"

When, where and why the first eukaryotes and the first metazoa appeared, and how this reciprocally influenced environmental oxygenation, climate, as well ... +

BMWi Project "SUGAR II"

Submarine gas hydrate resources -
Autoclave technology for the characterization of gas hydrate reservoirs with the sea floor drill rig (MeBo) ... +

Junior Research Groups

Helmholtz Young Investor Group "SEAPUMP"

The aim of SeaPump is to investigate Seasonal and regional food web interactions with the biological pump ... +

Research Group "Marine Glycobiology"

Algal polysaccharides are an important component of the flux of carbon rich organic matter from the surface ocean into its depth ...


DFG Emmy-Noether-Group "Hydrothermal Geomicrobiology"

Hydrothermal vent systems are increasingly recognized as extreme environments of tremendous scientific importance. ... +

Additional Projects

Descriptions of specific, smaller research projects as well as contibutions to international research programs can be found on the pages of the respective working groups and the responsible scientists.