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4th German Staubtag

Interdisciplinary workshop on mineral dust


Bremen, 22 November 2017


We would like to welcome you to Bremen, and especially to this 4th German Staubtag that brings together international scientists in mineral-dust research from the marine, polar, and terrestrial realms, remote sensing, palaeoclimate modelling as well as atmospheric sciences. The workshop aims to stimulate exchange of ideas between dust scientists from all these different disciplines within the German community and to discuss recent developments in the understanding of the role of mineral dust in the earth system.


After the first Leipziger Staubtag in 2014, it was decided to continue the success of bringing together the German dust community during a yearly one-day workshop. As a result, in 2015 and 2016 the 2nd and 3rd Leipziger Staubtage were organised. In 2016 it was then decided to keep the now established yearly workshop but also to try and find different hosts throughout the country which would alternate in organising the workshop. The German Staubtag was born! By having different hosts throughout the country organizing the workshop, we hope that each Staubtag gets a slightly different focus depending on the main research themes of the organizing host. This year, the flavour will undoubtedly be marine since at MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, dust is studied from a marine perspective.


The latest de­vel­op­ments and res­ults will be presen­ted in the shape of both oral present­a­tions and posters. We aim to have a truly in­formal at­mo­sphere in which dis­cus­sion is stim­u­lated. To this end, there will be enough room for discussion between the presentations and during an extended poster session, but there will also be the possibility to meet during dinner in a Bremen restaurant.


Ute Merkel (MARUM), Konrad Kandler (TU Darmstadt), Kerstin Schepanski (TROPOS Leipzig), Jan-Berend Stuut (NIOZ)