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Seagrass meadows are a marine ecosystem that stores a large amount of carbon per area. MPI-Bremen

Hagen Buck-Wiese




+49 421 2028-928



MPI Bremen, 1217

During my PhD, I aim to analyze carbohydrates in the ocean and link their concentration and dynamics to oceanographic parameters. Oceanic cycling of carbon has a considerable influence on the climate (e.g. biological and “microbial” carbon pumps). Current knowledge of carbon cycling in the water column is based on fingerprinting of the carbon inventory. After observing a diversification of carbohydrates by microbial enzymes, I developed an extraction technique for carbohydrates from seawater. With this extraction technique, we obtained samples from the Mauritanian Upwelling System over diel cycles on a transect from shore to open ocean.

Research interests

  • marine carbon cycle
  • molecular composition and turnover of marine dissolved organic matter
  • mechanisms of carbon sequestration
  • carbohydrate sequencing


  • extraction from seawater
  • enzymatic digestion
  • liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Posters, Talks, Conferences

Nanomolar diel fluctuations of starch and laminarin in DOM, Marine microbiota symposium, September 2019, Oldenburg, Germany

Chair of session 2 at YOUMARES 8, September 2017, Kiel, Germany

List of Publications

Brüwer J.D. and Buck-Wiese H. (2018) Reading the book of life – omics as a universal tool across disciplines in S. Jungblut et al. (eds.), YOUMARES 8 – Oceans Across Boundaries: Learning from Each Other, Springer,

Buck-Wiese H., Burgués I., Medrano A., Fernandez-Navarrete T., Garcia M., Wieters E.A. (2018) Patterns in sexual reproduction of the dominant scleractinian corals at Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Pocillopora verrucosa and Porites lobata, Aquatic Biology,

Buck-Wiese H., Voolstra C. R., Brüwer J. D. (2017) The metaorganism frontier - incorporating microbes in an organism's response to environmental change