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Dr. Oscar Romero

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Oscar Romero

Research Interests

o Effects of changes in biodiversity and climate on the critical function of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles.

o Evolution and dynamics of Neogene paleoclimate, mainly in eastern boundary systems (Benguela System, Southern Part of the Peru-Chile Current, NW Africa), the North Atlantic and the equatorial Pacific.

o The role of diatoms in the marine productivity and the silica cycle of the oceans.

o Ecology, taxonomy and morphology of marine benthic diatoms.

My research interest lies on the silica cycle of the oceans, the contribution of diatoms and changes in paleoproductivity during the Neogene. Paleoproductivity studies often interpret formation of opal-rich sediment as evidence of high diatom productivity. That view is often difficult to reconcile in any simple way with data on present-day primary productivity, silica production, and opal accumulation. Combining biogenic opal with other "proxies", such as calcium carbonate, organic carbon, benthic and planktic foraminifers, and coccolithophorids, is the best way to achieve a coherent reconstruction of past surface ocean history.

I intend to document the transformation of diatom assemblages within the ocean interior, and from biocoenosis to thanatocoenosis: variation of diatom in sediment traps at different water depths vs. sediments, in order to ascertain the preservation biases of the assemblages during settling and in the sediments.