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Dr. Henrik Sadatzki


Low Latitude Climate Variability


+49 421 218-65584



MARUM II, 3130

Henrik Sadatzki

Research interests

I am interested in a wide variety of aspects related to paleoceanography and climate research. In my research I study past ocean conditions in various regions and investigate their dynamics and linkages with atmospheric and climate changes on various time scales.

My research includes investigation of the dynamics and mechanisms of coupled ocean-atmosphere changes in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean across the last deglaciation, variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and surface ocean conditions in the Pacific Southern Ocean throughout the Pleistocene, and abrupt changes in the coupled ocean-cryosphere-climate system at northern and southern high latitudes during the last glacial and deglacial periods.

I use marine sediments from the deep ocean as archive of information on past ocean conditions and various organic and inorganic geochemical proxy methods for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. In these sediments I investigate different molecular biomarkers and their isotopic composition as well as the geochemistry of microfossil shells, which reveals information on past ocean temperature, current patterns, rainfall, and sea ice cover.


Short CV

Since 2023 Postdoc fellow at the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany
2020–2023 Postdoc fellow at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
2019–2020 Postdoc fellow at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University, Australia
2015–2019 PhD fellow at the Department of Earth Sciences and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bergen, Norway


Please find my publications here: