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Christian Hansen


scheduled for 16 Nov 2023 - 29 Dez 2023 SO301 - R/V Sonne Port Louis - Port Louis Kairei Hydrothermal Vent Field / Central Indian Ridge [KaBe / SCIROCCO]
scheduled for 08 Jun 2023 - 08 Jul 2023 M190 - R/V Meteor Las Palmas - Algeciras Hydrothermal Venting / Mid Atlantic Ridge [DIVE@MAR]
06 Mar 2020 - 22 Apr 2020 SO273 - R/V Sonne Cape Town - Emden Petrology and Hydrothermalism / Marion Rise [MARION]
22 Dec 2016 - 21 Jan 2017 SO253 - R/V Sonne Noumea - Auckland Hydrothermalism in Intraoceanic Arcs / Kermadec Arc [HYDROTHERMADEC]
09 Nov 2013 - 16 Dec 2013 PS81 - R/V Polarstern Cape Town - Cape Town Hydrothermal Plume Hunting / Southwest Indian Ridge [SWIR]



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