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Dr. Alessio Rovere

Wissenschaftliches Personal


Brückennachwuchsgruppe Sea Level and Coastal Changes


+49 421 218-65771



FVG-OST 0200

Alessio Rovere

About me

I am a geoscientist working on past sea-level changes and on the effects of current sea-level changes on modern coastal environments. The focus of my research is understanding sea-level changes in the past (from Pliocene to Holocene) through the observation of past sea level indicators and comparison with earth models to understand the magnitude of eustatic, isostatic and tectonic processes. I have a parallel interest in modern coastal environments, where I investigate coastal erosion, extreme wave events, interactions between ecological and geological processes and trajectories of coastlines and nearshore environments under changing climates and sea levels.


  • Head of the Sea level and Coastal changes group (Bridge group with Leibniz ZMT, Bremen)
  • Adjunct Research Scientist, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, NY, USA
  • PI of the DFG project 'Sea level changes in SE Asia', SPP 'Sea Level'
  • Leader of the PAGES-INQUA working group PALSEA
  • Editor, Climate of the Past